SWEAT is a new group fitness and strength training studio in Edina. A curated team of expert instructors lead high-energy, structured classes with a variety of specialized formats. Classes are fun, tough and designed to meet every “body” on their own personal fitness journey. In addition, SWEAT offers adult strength programs and youth team athletic and agility training with experienced coaches.


      Full Body Strength is my favorite class. Within a month of consistently coming to class I feel great, and enjoy the friendly atmosophere at SWEAT.

    • JACKIE, MOM OF 2

      SWEAT gives me a place to work out at my own pace. I love that the instructors challenge me while still making the classes feel welcoming and not overwhelming.


      I'm highly impressed by all the instructors & how you can easily modify each class to your own level. SWEAT is an energetic, challenging, and positive environment. The best way to start my day!

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